Working with Quickstep

How does it work?

  • You simply refer individuals who want to use the services of Quickstep Contracting Services (QCS) to us and we will do the rest…
  • We will guide the contractor through the first stage of engaging with QCS and explain the options available. We even offer a help-line if the contractor is unsure as to which contracting structure is appropriate to their personal circumstances.
  • Our registration process is simple and fully transparent. We encourage our staff to discuss the payslip/payment advice with contractors to ensure that all deductions are fully understood and accepted.
  • QCS assume the role of the employer in our Umbrella Company and the Contracting Intermediary in the event that the Contractor wishes to operate through a Limited Company
  • QCS will raise invoices based on timesheet information supplied by you and verified by the contractor.
  • QCS is responsible for operating PAYE and National Insurance Contributions on all the payments to umbrella company employees.
  • Our HR department is able to manage all employee led queries including those affecting holiday pay, employee related benefits together with discipline and grievance.
  • QCS ensures that all contractors have adequate contracting insurance whether they operate through a Limited Company or through the Umbrella Company.

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